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No one wants hate preachers in Berkshire! End of. Do one to a nice hate filled place like Saudi or Afghan where your “preaching” will be accepted. NOT in OUR Country!!! NFSE. Advertisements

#Horsemeat Scandal: Now I’m Not One For Coincidences, But… #casualsunited #boycotthalal #evf #edl #nwi #horsemeat #findus #nestle

2 + 2 = ? Is that not a pretty easy sum to do? I can do it… I expect most 5 years olds can do it too. However, when the same “sum” is not shown in actual numbers, some people really have big problems working it out. Yesterday a story came up in my … Continue reading

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Axe the Bedroom Tax Find out more about the bedroom tax, the part of welfare reform that will cut the amount of benefit that people can get if they are considered to have a spare bedroom. Welfare reforms will cut the amount of benefit that people can get if…

Someone Didn’t Tell Our Friend #Anjem #Choudary Panto Season Is Over #casualsunited #anjemchoudary #edl #evf #nwi

You couldn’t make this bloke up. He holds his wanky little hatefests (complete with pathetic jihad flags LOL) on Weekdays when the very people he slates here are hard at work. Does he really believe the shit he comes out with, or is it a total wind-up? The only characters I’ve seen played as well … Continue reading

#Commies Quite Happy To Stitch Up Their New Mates #diddymannwi #nwi #casualsunited

Commies, as we know, are not very loyal especially to new “friends” who they see as easy to use and stitch up. The previous Blog to this tells how Matthew “Granny Basher” Collins is an easy squeal. However, Here is their latest Fail: CLICK HERE FOR THE MIDDLE OF THE BLOG – Thanks Diddymannwi! 😉 … Continue reading

Matthew #Grannybasher Collins, Fascits, And A Lesson In Sarcasm #HNH #casualsunited #commiefail #evf #nwi

We all know what a pathetic, hypocritical little fucktard this “man” is but sometimes he is good for a giggle. Is this a remnant of his old self coming out… Remember, this is the guy who bangs on and on about Joe Marsh having a fight and stabbing 2 other lads in the leg 2 decades … Continue reading

#Commies Accuse Us Of Lying About A Missing Child #casualsunited #evf #edl #Norwich

Hate filled lefties attack an appeal to find a lost girl #edl #nwi We have already seen evidence how sick and confused these individuals are, the link above shows them trying to discredit people, saying they are making up lies about a missing child. So, are “Child Alerts UK” on Facebook lying too? They would … Continue reading

UGGGHHH!!! my God! Well we do have plenty of evidence of how sick these people can be… we shouldn’t really be surprised! What if one of them put out a missing kid alert… personally I would verify and reshare, WHOSEVER kid it was. NFSE to paedoscum and their appeasers!

#Commies Appeasing #Paedophiles #casualsunited #edl #evf #nwi #sea #jonvenables #jamesbulger

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/crime/9864634/Father-of-James-Bulger-fears-toddlers-killers-could-strike-again.html Lots of 10 year olds have shit lives, they don’t sexually assualt and murder 2 year old babies. This woman here blames it on Jamie’s mother. SICK. Next we have the self-righteous wankers from “EDLNEWS” (“News” my arse LOL!) Saying how it isn’t about defending a paedophile. YEH, RIGHT! Jon Venables was arrested AGAIN, … Continue reading

Fighting “Fascism”? You’re Doing It Wrong #edl #casualsunited #gillycarpenter #uaf #malalayousafzai #evf #nwi

Couldn’t make it up. No Surrender Ever to Islamic Extremism and Commies that appease it. Wibble is right… for you lot! NFSE KTF Holly xxx ORIGINAL BLOG HERE    

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