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Demo advice in the wake of #EDL Walsall stitch ups


Sharia Blasphemy Law Comes to Facebook: the Banning of Counter-jihad/Patriot Pages

Originally posted on ~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~:
Over the last few months Facebook has clamped down heavily on various (around 40) counter-jihad and patriot pages. The administrators of these pages were shocked when they logged on and found that their pages had ‘disappeared’. In some cases, such as the Leeds EDL Facebook page,…

Update On The Farce That Was The #EDLWalsall Demo Trial #wmp #casualsunited #evf #sea

Well, guys, Panto Season has definitely arrived! We Blogged this Trial HERE As the results of the EDL Walsall Demo Trial came in, no one knew whether to laugh or not. If you saw it in a film you would say “OMG that film was so shit, it was just not realistic at all!”. The … Continue reading

How we know that the Facebook Profile Steve Wilco II is a troll #edl

He does not answer direct questions over his name being linked to the Commie also known as Steve Wilco or maybe spelled Wilky or Wilko. ATM is asking for details on the #Walsall #EDL #Trial

Political Imprisonment To The Maximum #edlwestmidlands #edlwalsall #casualsunited #evf

Here is a Blatant example of the double standards and two-tier system in this country. Allow me to clarify, the comments showing have been blurred out because the profile pic looked like a teenager, but I do make them right. Secondly, the muslims were tried in magistrates court, the other lads are being charged in … Continue reading

Lee #Rigby Killing Indefensible, Court Hears #casualsunited #sea #evf #nwi

From THE BBC WEBSITE HERE 17 December 2013 Last updated at 18:24 Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale are on trial at the Old Bailey Related Stories Rigby defendant will not testify Rigby killer ‘a soldier of Allah’ Rigby was ‘first soldier spotted’ The men accused of killing soldier Lee Rigby set out to cause “carnage”, … Continue reading

Transcript Of Lee #Rigby Murder Trial – By The Mirror #casualsunited #sea #evf #nwi

Lee Rigby murder trial: Live updates as jurors told to ignore Russell Brand’s comments on case Read the story in THE MIRROR HERE All the latest from the Old Bailey where the two men are on trial accused of murdering the British soldier in Woolwich 3.16 Mr Gottlieb asked the jury to watch the footage … Continue reading

Update On Lee #Rigby Trial #leerigby #casualsunited #evf #sea

Update on the trial of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebolawe for the Murder of Lee Rigby. Monday 9th December 2013 2:36 pm LATEST COURT UPDATE. (thanks to a friend posting on Facebook) The trial resumed with the cross-examination of Adebolajo prosecutor Richard Whittam QC. Whittam said: “Which particular war were you fighting? If you are … Continue reading

Nazi Scum Exploit Death Of Lee Rigby #casualsunited #evf #sea #leerigby

Please DO NOT buy any of these badges. They are being sold on eBay by a number of sellers who are actually the same person/group. They are members of the National Front looking to profit from a horrendous event and murder of an innocent man. Just take a look at what else they sell: PLEASE … Continue reading

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