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Too big for their boots Clapton FC “Ultras” #edl #evf

Originally posted on Pie and Mash Squad Blog:
The attack on patriots continues with another silly mob, like the Mangotsfield “inter village crew” who vanished after we exposed them. Clapton Ultras are the latest bunch of extreme left wing cretins who cant get a foothold at major football clubs, so they target smaller clubs and…

Cllr Drew Gale attempts to get UAF to #Preston #nwi #edl

Originally posted on Pie and Mash Squad Blog:
This “responsible” cllr is so naive of the costs of any demonstration, he is attempting to “help” his Council by asking the UAF to do a counter demo on the day of the NWI demo. Effectively doubling the cost to the Council, doubling the need for police…

Chinese police capture remaining Muslims after knife massacre – the latest out of 200 terrorist incidents in Xinjiang in a year

Originally posted on The Muslim Issue:
Compared to our pathetic societies and its pretentious weakness, the headlines in China’s state-run news was titled: “Let East Turkestan scum suffer the state’s iron fists – the more fiercely they attack, the faster they die.” How little we actually hear of news from within China. Now the truth…

Barmy Bonehead Bullies Women Online #casualsunited #edl #nwi #failbale #GMP

We all know who this individual is, but…… does he? He is Joshua Bonehill aka Joshua Bonehill-Paine. He has so many accounts on Facebook, Twitter etc… mostly to write complete and utter rubbish about the Left AND the Right in his blog version of Brothers Grimm, (I heard at one point over 200 different accounts), … Continue reading

Message for “journalists” re #Legoland #edl #casualsunited


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