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Appeasement For Perpetrators Of Acid Attacks #savingface #casualsunited #evf #edl #nwi

Last night on Channel 4 was a programme about women who have been victims of acid attacks. You can watch it HERE. It’s pretty horrific to watch, by the way so consider yourselves warned ūüė¶ . We did wonder what the commies would say about this programme as everyone knows what they are like when … Continue reading

Help Corporal Harry Killick #helpcplharry #casualsunited #evf #ptsd #nwi #army

This man’s name is Corporal Harry Killick. He is severely ill with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and is in prison – see above picture and please read the following articles: http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/10146130.Family_s_battle_to_stop_soldier_going_to_prison/ http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/jailed-soldiers-family-accuse-army-of-betrayal-over-combat-trauma-8439822.html http://abrightonboyblogs.co.uk/2012/12/help-corporal-harry/ Harry was injured fighting for his country and desperately needs your help to obtain the proper treatment. Corporal Harry Killick returned … Continue reading

What the hell is wrong with people? These are TEENAGERS. Last night on the news was a report of two girls aged 15 and 16 (and another girl filming) throwing a kitten around a room, against walls etc. and laughing. They were charged and prosecuted but what possessed them to do it in the first … Continue reading

Some People Who Think #Selfharm Is A Joke #commies #casualsunited #cutforbieber

Last night it was brought to my attention by the teenage daughter of one of my long-time friends that there were a group of individuals who had decided that due to Justin Bieber (teenage singing lad – for anyone who knows his name but not why, like myself) smoking some weed they would cut their … Continue reading

#EDLNews Fail – Illegally This Time #casualsunited #edl #prisonersletters #tommyrobinson

I thought that it was illegal to publish a prisoner’s letters online, on a social networking site without their permission? Also I am told that it was the commies who were the first to bleat to us about this fact? Well, what DO we have here? Second screenie shows they did not have permission to … Continue reading

Originally posted on The Body Of Truth:
We¬†received¬†an email this morning containing screenshots from a Pro-Islamic, far Left, anti-EDL page which we have covered in articles before. The group is called Still Laughing at The English Defence League (SLATEDL), although The Body of Truth has no connection to the English Defence League other than covering…

“I’m Not A Bully” By Katie Porrelli #casualsunited #edl #evf #nwi #nei #southeastalliance

The following is taken from the “conversation” Here. ??? Katie? But she seems not to know her arse from her elbow as: Do I have to spell it out for Ms. Porrelli? Even the Bitches of Leftwick alone, they were three onto one¬† while they “kicked her around like a football for months with no … Continue reading

Commie Justification For #Cyberbullying #casualsunited #nwi #southeastalliance #edl

See previous Blogs: Commies Have Varying Views On Disability Issues Commie Cyberbullying And The Bitches Of Leftwick Here in this next set of screenshots (warning, there are quite a few!) we have a person who goes into the group to play Devil’s Advocate and try to get them to justify their behaviour. They can’t do … Continue reading

Commie Cyberbullying And The Bitches Of Leftwick #casualsunited #edl #nwi #southeastalliance #cyberbullying #bullies

Here we have just one thread of bullying from this one group. The same group as the screenies in my previous Blog. This one group, it appears, is purely used for the bullying of this one woman, sometimes for her disability, sometimes for the most random things. To read it will take you back in … Continue reading

Commies Have Varying Views On Disability Issues #casualsunited #brierfield #nwi #disabled #disability

Who remembers the sad blog the commies wrote about Zoe, where they used a picture of Jojo, where Zoe had apparently insulted a disabled man by calling him “Ironside”? What they conveniently¬†didn’t show was the¬†rest of the conversation¬†which would have shown Zoe only retaliating to being called a “slag”. But that’s neither here nor there … Continue reading

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