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Hostile takeover of #EDL #evf #mfe #

If the ROs have any sense, they’ll just carry on and do what they want. We have seen how the footsoldiers are not allowed to do anything without the “higher echelons” permission. Now they can call demos where and when they want. Good luck to them, if they keep away from her, they can do … Continue reading

Bother Over The #Burka (Again) #selfridges #casualsunited #sea #evf #nwi

Everyone has now heard about the raid in Selfridges in London (please click picture below for the story)… Now, wait until white criminals start doing it too… just wait, because they will, and then and only then will anyone with any power to do so, start talking about banning it for EVERYBODY because wearing it … Continue reading

#TowerHamlets: A No-Go Area? Someone Warn The Tourists #metpoliceuk

Should visitors to East London, especially the borough of Tower Hamlets, be warned that some residents of that area regard it as a no-go area for non-muslims or anyone displaying “un-islamic” behaviour? WARNING: graphic picture and video contains scenes of violence. Taken from the  Metropolitan Police Facebook Page: Can you help officers from #TowerHamlets who have released … Continue reading

The Religion of Peace

Casuals Bookshop

Casuals Bookshop