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The #Slatedl Admin Is Sick In The Head #casualsunited #edl #mfe #SEA #nwi

Couldn’t make the scum up. They reckon it’s her own fault for standing there. Did they not read THE NEWS ARTICLE? It said she was there by accident, and was stood there by coincidence as she went to the seafront to meet a friend. We wrote yesterday how the missile was intended for the two … Continue reading

Commies Glorify Their Violence In #Brighton (Again) #mfe #casualsunited #edl #nwi

We’ve seen that the commies have been foaming all week, asking for our pics and Blogs and reports of the MfE St. George’s Parade last weekend. Why don’t you think we have done anything? For one, children who constantly ask and harrass for things get told “No” and told to go do something to entertain … Continue reading

#Brighton Commie getting excited and encouraging others to throw stones #edl #mfe

I see that “Grannybasher” Collins has deleted that tweet now! Does it make him look a wanker now some innocent bystander got hurt by one of his lot?

It Offends #Muslim Sensibilities – Oh The Irony! #casualsunited #edl #intermilan

What is Sensible about THIS? Click to read —> Inter Milan football strip offends muslims Who is this joker? He says that the strip reminds muslims of the Crusades and it “offends their sensibilities”… LOL you couldn’t make it up! As far as I am aware, the cross on their football shirt has nothing to … Continue reading

Maggies funeral and the unwashed Commies trying to wreck it #edl #maggiethatcher (Reblogged by Becki)

Police issue directions for #Brighton #MFE march #edl #ukip

ATOS tell woman with mental age of 3 yrs to get a job (not satire – please share)

Originally posted on Pride's Purge:
MEENA’S FAMILY HAVE ISSUED A STATEMENT ASKING EVERYONE TO NOW RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY: . Meena’s family are asking for their privacy to be respected. A genuine misunderstanding has been made, no thanks to the aggressively worded letter the family received. They will be pursuing the matter with the appropriate…

R.I.P. Baroness Thatcher – As Commies Throw A Hate-Fest (Again) #casualsunited #edl #baronessthatcher

Nothing surprises us anymore with regards to these individuals, but this time the rest of the world has seen them for the sick scum they really are. They have Failed massively here. Usually, people don’t take any notice when they attack peaceful Patriots, because the media paints us all as racist and fascist *yawn* but … Continue reading

The Religion of Peace

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