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Chinese police capture remaining Muslims after knife massacre – the latest out of 200 terrorist incidents in Xinjiang in a year

This a great Blog, thankyou to whoever posted it.
The author is right, we hardly EVER hear any news from China at all, let alone carnage such as this.
This group of individuals (to call it a religion would be a tad insulting to genuinely peaceful Religions) do NOT want to integrate into a nice, civilised and decent place.
They forever claim how bad the countries they left (or whose parents/grandparents came from – “THEIR COUNTRY” they say) are 3rd World barbaric shitholes and they don’t want to live like that, BUT when they arrive here, America, China, Australia etc etc… they try their damned hardest to turn these places into 3rd World shitholes they claim to hate so much.
Excellent Blog. NFSE

The Muslim Issue

Compared to our pathetic societies and its pretentious weakness, the headlines in China’s state-run news was titled: “Let East Turkestan scum suffer the state’s iron fists – the more fiercely they attack, the faster they die.”

How little we actually hear of news from within China. Now the truth comes out: they have endured over 200 Muslim terrorist incidents last year alone (!).

The Chinese authorities, unlike the wussies in the West, have promised to take strict measures, expenses and inconveniences to deal with their ever increasing Muslim problems. Like the rest of the world Muslim savagery is quickly spreading as the 1.5 billion inbred and rapidly multiplying savages are high on the idea of a global Arab Spring – a re-awakening of a global Caliphate – which only became possible when the world began allowing these animals to immigrate. That’s what’s ignited their spark and poured fuel on the…

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