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Racism In Rochdale Road, Oldham #nwi #edl #casualsunited #mrsbouquet

This is taken from the Facebook page of the Northwest Frontline Firm: Share this please. This happened in Oldham during the week. Hello some one on my friends list just put this status up what a joke “A work mate, told me today, that his wife went for an interview yesterday in Oldham at a … Continue reading

Pub Faked Gas Leak To Prevent #SDL Meeting #casualsunited #edl #evf #ukip

A pub in Edinburgh faked a gas leak because commies had called threatening to smash it up. Please read THIS ARTICLE for the story. The Scottish Defence League were planning to hold a meeting there before moving on to protest about an “islamophobia awareness” conference being held nearby but commies from uaf and antifa called … Continue reading

Commies Defend Hate Preachers In Nottingham #edl #casualsunited #nwi #nottsuni #ukip

Well, here we go again… The usual bullshit, lies and manipulative word games from the commie scum. Please read THIS BLOG if you don’t know what this is all about. Nottingham University is holding a weekend for islamic hate preachers to come and spread their message. Commies think they should be allowed to do this, … Continue reading

I Pity The Fools Of The Far Left! #casualsunited #edl #antifaschista #uaf

You really could not make up some of the idiots on the Far Left, especially the admins of the slatedl page on Facebook. This is comedy gold. Here is the post they think is a real story: We don’t know how many admins that page has but the main one is known on Facebook as … Continue reading

You Don’t NEED To Monopolise Our Food Supply, So You Can Stop Now #boycotthalal #edl #casualsunited #halal #nwi

…unless there is another reason you are doing it?! No, never, of course there isn’t another reason, right? Found this forum online earlier: Firstly, notice that the friend of “Laura” buys non halal because she lives in a Christian country. Fair play to her. THIS is what integration is. I assume that Laura means her … Continue reading

Anglophobic, Marxist Melon-Greens Who Advocate Violence On A St. George’s Parade #mfe #sea #casualsunited #edl #evf #melongreens #uaf #antifa

Below is a list of all the Anglophobic, Marxist melon-green fascists supporting the uaf & antifa in opposing Brightonians & English people celebrating the day of their Patron Saint at the annual MfE St. George’s Parade this year…. Bill Randall, Mayor of Brighton and Hove Caroline Lucas, Green MP Brighton Pavillion Jason Kitkat, Green Party … Continue reading

“Comrade Delta”, You Dirty Old Pervo! #SWP #edl #casualsunited #nwi #evf #sea #uaf #martinsmith

Special report: Did Socialist Workers Party cover up NINE rapes? Kangaroo court may have cleared an official of raping teenage member… but scandal goes far deeper Previous allegation of rape against senior member heard in ‘kangaroo court’ SWP leadership survived unprecedented motion of no confidence last week Claims party’s ‘disputes committee’ heard nine separate allegations … Continue reading

Religious Hatred, Andy #Choudary ? #edl #casualsunited #nwi #nei

See this TWAT is at it again:   He refers to this: MYJIHAD IN PAKISTAN: MUSLIMS TORCH 160 CHRISTIAN HOMES AND TWO CHURCHES We won’t hold our breaths though, waiting for him to get nicked for this, even though other people are getting arrested for similar comments on Facebook and Twitter about Islam. Two Tier system … Continue reading

Kriss Donald Memorial Demo Cancelled #SDL #edl #casualsunited #nwi #nei #krissdonald

The SDL have had to cancel their memorial demonstration on Saturday: HERE is their Facebook page. Not many people are aware of what happened to Kriss Donald. This is because the case had hardly any media attention at all. When you compare this case to the case of Stephen Lawrence’s murder, you may well ask … Continue reading

David Cameron’s Sickness #edl #casualsunited #nwi #sea #evf #davidcameron #uaf

I’ll see your “Sickness”, Mr Cameron, and I’ll raise you THIS MAN: David Cameron thinks the EDL are sick. – David Cameron’s Sickness – article by main EDL page. ^^^ Quality article that. And apparently now he says this: “I don’t think the EDL represent anybody, everyone in our country wants to come together, build … Continue reading

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