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Burning a flag is illegal, if you are white and not called Anjem Choudrey

Argentinian Embassy protest update Just spoke to Pompey, he says there are around 50 people outside the Argentine Embassy, including some residents of the Falklands. Will upload pics later today. NFSE Pompey Dave has been removed from the protest area by police after trying to burn an Argie flag. They told him he has to … Continue reading

Charlene Detective forced to quit after pressure from Casuals

DS Jan Beasant  By Julia Bennett Published on Saturday 24 December 2011 09:40   A senior detective – who played a key role in the Charlene Downes murder probe – has been told she must resign.   Police chiefs have not revealed details of what led to the disciplinary hearing, but confirmed the officer’s behaviour and … Continue reading

Police surveillance pic of Joe Cardiff

 This is a police surveillance pic of Marshy mingling with Palestine protesters in London taken from the bundle after his conspiracy case epic failed a year ago. Shame that. NFSE Hol

Inside the Crown Prosecution Service

As we have said many times, the Crown Prosecution Service is not fit for purpose and needs to be scrapped. They are obsessed with “diversity” and will spare no expense at prosecuting white people for even minor criticism of Islam or immigration. How much did this bullshit case cost? http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/8404212.stm The Liverpool hoteliers who were … Continue reading

Indymedia encouraging people to harass innocent coach companies

The deranged muppets of Indymedia, in their quest to deny Patriots their freedom of speech and assembly are listing coach companies phone numbers and asking them to ring and harass. A nightmare for the poor girls in the offices trying to do their jobs to be bomabrded with idiotic calls about “nazis and fascists”. This … Continue reading

Blackburn revenge attack gang jailed

Masked gang jailed for 20 years for Blackburn revenge attack 4:04pm Wednesday 21st December 2011 in News By Sam Chadderton »Reporter Skip social links Print Email A MASKED gang who left a teenager brain damaged in a violent revenge attack for helping police have been jailed for a total of almost 20 years. ‘The Calder Street … Continue reading

Casuals United Justice for Charlene demo Blackpool March 31st

Casuals United and the Downes family will be holding a demo in Blackpool on March 31st at 12pm, assemble Yates South Shore as usual.

EDL Demo Hyde, Manchester February 25th 2012

The English Defence League are returning to Manchester on February 25th for a demo in Hyde. This follows several gang attacks on white people in the area by Muslim gangs. NFSE Holly Casuals

Commies now moaning as the powers aimed at EDL which they laughed about are now aimed at them

Suddenly oppressive laws arent so hilarious when they get aimed at the left “what goes around comes back around” LMFAO Did they REALLY think that these illegal powers, like ten yr asbos, 170 arrests for no reason would only be used on the EDL? You silly cunts have laughed at it happening to us, now … Continue reading

Laughing at Marxist birds

Ok, I get it, Commie birds are suing police because they dropped their knickers for undercover cops? LMFAO 26122011 “Eight former lovers of undercover cops have started legal action against police chiefs for the psychological suffering they’ve endured. The women include three former lovers of Mark Kennedy, two former lovers of Jim Boyling, and women who … Continue reading

The Religion of Peace

Casuals Bookshop

Casuals Bookshop