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The Annual Disrespect Of Our Fallen #remembrance #poppies #uaf

I am not surprised to read any more about the annual displays of disrespect that is shown to our Fallen in the form of poppy burning.

Started by islamists in Luton in 2009 in Luton, it now seems people think it’s funny to burn poppies to make people angry. They don’t question WHY it makes people angry, only that they find it funny to do so

One young lad thinking it a funny idea while drunk burnt a poppy, posted the image on Facebook and was subsequently arrested. His punishment was to listen to stories of war widows and mothers who had lost their sons.


Maybe this would also be a fitting punishment for the two individuals, maybe listen to some of the old Vets stories too before they think this level of disrespect is something to laugh about.
This new generation are mostly disgusting and have no morals. Be very afraid because these are who will be running our country!
slag off poppies 1Keety General’s FACEBOOK Page: https://www.facebook.com/keety.general?ref=br_rs

slag off poppies 2Andreas Kallis’ FACEBOOK Page: https://www.facebook.com/leffss?ref=br_rs

And now we have:

slag off poppies 3(Click pic for links, this and below)

And all OK with the BBC:

slag off poppies 4

Jumping on the anti Remembrance bandwagon like the lefty scum they are.

Lest We Forget. NFSE. KTF.



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