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Why The Mass Media Blackout On The Lee #Rigby Trial? #casualsunited #sea #evf

Why is there a mass media blackout regarding the trial of the killers of Lee Rigby? I have seen nothing on any of the main news channels, or any of the major papers. It appears that a local paper cares about it though: Please click above pic to read the story. There is also some … Continue reading

Why Do #Commies Hate #England So Much? #casualsunited #englandmyhome #uaf

what planet do these “commies” live on? here are the lyrics if can’t hear or your volume doesn’t work etc… (we know some of you you c*nts are a bit “disclaimer obsessed”?!) You gave me my birth Then you made me pay What is it worth Cast me away You’ve really done it now Dying … Continue reading

Racist Steven Baker Is A Grass Too #HerefordUTD #SwanseaNF #casualsutd

Once a grass, always a grass? Meet Steven Baker: He is a massive racist and reckons he would rather stand with a White islamic extremist than a Black Patriot defending our country purely because of the colour of their skin. He took offence at a picture someone was tagged in on Facebook: Now, Mr Steven … Continue reading

The Religion of Peace

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