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Italy arrests 6 Muslims for inciting hate against non-Muslims

Originally posted on Creeping Sharia:
ROP strikes again, via Italy arrests 6 for stirring hate vs pope. ROME (AP) – Italian police on Friday arrested six Moroccan men suspected of inciting hatred against Pope Benedict XVI for converting a Muslim journalist in Italy to Catholicism. Stefano Fonsi, head of Brescia police’s anti-terrorism squad in northern…

UK Pakistani Muslims Openly Express Support For Adolf Hitler and The Holocaust

Originally posted on The Body Of Truth:
I was recently sent this disgusting screenshot (Click to enlarge) thanks too Soldat Amir. The screenshot is of the Facebook page “Proud to be a Pakistani” which is run by UK based, Pakistani Muslim admins. The admins of the page posted an image condemning the anti-Muslim Movie released…

Six-Year-Old #Muslim "Preacher" Curses #Obama, #Bush And Calls For Destruction Of #Israel #casuals #edl

Six-year-old muslim “preacher” curses Obama, Bush and calls for destruction of Israel. Oct. 30 2012. Source. An Egyptian child preacher approximately six years old, reportedly prays for martyrdom in the name of Allah, calls for the destruction of Israel and laments about Barack Obama and George W. Bush. The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) … Continue reading

Stop Cyberbullying – message to my stalker

Originally posted on Andreaurbanfox ©:
CEASE AND DESIST NOTICE SCROLL DOWN FOR UPDATES Dear stalker, I find it very sad that even as an adult you think it’s okay to bully someone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m not under any false illusion that everyone is going to like me but you have no…

White Britons To Become Minority By 2066 #casualsunited #edl #bfp #cxf #nwi

White Britons to become minority by 2066 White Britons will be outnumbered by 2066 if the rate of immigration continues, researchers have claimed. Taken from The Telegraph. By Laura Roberts. White Britons will be outnumbered by 2066 if the rate of immigration continues, researchers have claimed. Foreign workers will “change national identity” according to a … Continue reading

Covered Woman In #France Sentenced To Six Months In Prison #casualsunited #edl #bfp

Covered woman in France sentenced to 6 months in prison Story Source. My comments below article. A Muslim woman speaks with a French gendarme during an identity control, on September 22, 2012 near the prefecture of Lille, northern France. AFP photo A court in France’s northern province of Lille sentenced a fully-covered 18-year-old woman to … Continue reading

Why Do #Muslims Kill Each Other? #casualsunited #edl #muhammadspeaks


Notorious sex offender "Purple Aki" being moved to Connahs Quay #edl #nwi #evf #cxf

A Police State Created By #Anti-Fascists #casualsunited #edl #walthamstow

A police state created by anti-fascists Taken from Spiked Online. Written by Patrick Hayes. Monday 29 October 2012. My comments below article. Given that the key thing about twentieth-century fascism was its extreme authoritarianism, you might reasonably expect those who describe themselves as ‘anti-fascist’ to be anti-authoritarian. You might imagine that these campaigners, more than … Continue reading

Whatever Happened To Free Speech? #walthamstow #casualsunited #edl #bfp #uaf

Whatever happened to Free Speech? Cf UAF in Walthamstow and EDL in Westminster Taken from The New English Review. Written by Esmerelda Weatherwax. Saturday, 27 October 2012 Readers will remember the appalling way the EDL were treated while exercising our democratic freedom to meet and protest in Walthamstow last month.  Today was set as the … Continue reading

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