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Abu Hamza's Son Imran Mostafa Found Guilty Of £70,000 Jewellery Robbery

Maybe Daddy’s idea of Shariah Law should be used on you? Then you could both hang your keys up conveniently! Taken from The Telegraph: Abu Hamza’s son Imran Mostafa found guilty of £70,000 jewellery robbery A son of controversial Muslim cleric Abu Hamza has been found guilty of taking part in a £70,000 smash-and-grab jewellery … Continue reading

Citizen Khan – The Muslims Are Not Happy!

…Again! This time it’s the Religion of No Sense of Humour. Anyone watch Citizen Khan the other night on BBC1? I didn’t watch it that night, I watched it later on iPlayer: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00vh04w/Citizen_Khan_Episode_1/ When it first started I thought, WOW what a load of rubbish, the acting is crap for a start! But, 5 minutes … Continue reading

Another nonce walks free from court. When are our Judges going to protect us from scum? #edl #northwales

Elfed Williams A SCHOOL bus driver who exposed himself to a 16-year-old passenger and kissed another teenage girl on the neck has been spared a jail term. <respond_button adunit=”4″ buttontype=”2″ title=”North Wales bus driver who exposed himself to teen spard jail” id=”1″>On another occasion Elfed Lewis Williams, of Denbigh Road, Llanrwst, produced a camera and … Continue reading

New North West Casuals blog #edl #nwi #nei #cxf

Tasha will be blogging from the North West mainly on issues affecting that region but also nationwide stories. Please register with her new blog which is under construction so bear with it. Forget Facebook, blogging is the way forward people. NFSE Suzy Click link http://skittlestruthuk.wordpress.com

Lefty Commies talking about attacking a woman because they dont like her t-shirt #scum #bullies #uaf #edl

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Big Brave Men Eh North West Infidels NWI View original post

Meet Everybody's Favourite Commie!

Student Grant Student Grant is a cartoon strip in the British comic Viz. It first appeared in 1992 and featured regularly for the rest of the 1990s. The strip, created by Simon Thorp, features a University student named Grant Wankshaft, a student at the fictional Spunkbridge University. Grant does little or no work for his … Continue reading

Vodafone sorry I do not understand (Reblogged) #edl #tmobile #orange

Quality Blog Andy! If I have this problem, I ask for an English speaker, I say something like “Neither of us can understand each other properly, and if this conversation continues, we are BOTH going to get more and more annoyed, are we not?” They can’t argue with that! After all, it’s just common sense. … Continue reading

Commies once again show how pathetic they are LOL #edl #casualsunited

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This is what one of the Commies on Facebook had to say about the cover of the Casuals United book You SERIOUSLY could not make this up. He is probably furiously tapping away on his keyboard as we speak writing an angry e-mail to Lego. “Dear Sir/Madam, these…

The laughing stock that is the UK Border Agency #edl #uaf #mfe

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The REAL migrant scandal? Politicians still pretend we control our borders – when the truth is Brussels won’t let us By CHRISTOPHER BOOKER PUBLISHED: 00:06, 24 July 2012 | UPDATED: 07:37, 24 July 2012 Comments (119) Share Yesterday, yet again, we saw headline news being made by a shocking  tale of incompetence and…

Why are #EDL going to #Walthamstow?

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This article is about the London Borough of Waltham Forest which was formed in 1965 when the three Essex districts of Leyton, Walthamstow and Chingford were combined and included in the newly formed Greater London Council. My family had moved to a street just on the border of…

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