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Dudley Muslim Association Get Approval For Supermosque….But Don`t Own The Land.

Originally posted on mosqueblock:
More proof that our Planning Laws are bonkers. The Development Control Board in Dudley last night approved plans ( by 5 votes to 3) for a Supermosque complex , despite the applicant not legally owning the land ( Dudley Council do ) . The ownership matter will be decided at a…

The Annual Disrespect Of Our Fallen #remembrance #poppies #uaf

I am not surprised to read any more about the annual displays of disrespect that is shown to our Fallen in the form of poppy burning. Started by islamists in Luton in 2009 in Luton, it now seems people think it’s funny to burn poppies to make people angry. They don’t question WHY it makes … Continue reading

Muslim Yobs In Yorkshire Hurl Missiles At Passing Cars

Originally posted on Kafir Crusaders:
Muslim yobs in Keighley put the lives of innocent road users in grave danger by hurling missiles at passing cars. The West Yorkshire town like its bigger neighbour Bradford has seen a huge influx of Muslim immigrants over recent years bringing with it a mass spike in anti social behaviour…

Whitehall Vigil For Asia Bibi #Newenglishreview #Christian #Genocide #saveasiabibi

This article has been shared from The New English Review: It wasn’t a big crowd but it was organised at short notice after the bad news on Thursday that Asia Bibi’s appeal against the death sentence for blasphemy had been dismissed in Pakistan. But what it lacked in numbers it made up for in energy, … Continue reading

King Of School Dinners Meets David The Paedo #Jamieoliver #fifteenapprentice

A CHILD RAPIST has been selected as one of the contestants on Jamie Oliver’s new series. David Mason (seen below:) is a convicted paedophile who was given 4 years for the rape of a 12 year old child. Yes, Jamie, a TWELVE YEAR OLD CHILD. Wonder what your kids will make of that, Jamie? Here … Continue reading

ISIS Committing a ‘..Christian Holocaust..’ in Iraq: Children are Now Being Beheaded (Video)

Originally posted on sharia unveiled:
? Leader of the Chaldean Community, Mark Arabo describes the ‘..Christian Holocaust..’ he witnessed in Iraq. ISIS is beheading Christian children, raping Christian women and enslaving (or) hanging the Christian men… This is “exactly” how Muhammad treated the Jews and Christians. Video courtesy of: LoneWolf Sager  ? Christianity in Iraq..…

Women must not laugh in public, says Turkish Deputy Prime Minister who calls for people to ‘rediscover the Koran’ and stop acting like ‘sex addicts’

Originally posted on ~~Defender of Faith~Guardian of Truth~~:
Bülent Arınç complained about ‘moral corruption’ at an Eid el-Fitr meeting Stated that women should not talk about ‘unnecessary’ things on the phone Claimed that television had transformed teenagers into ‘sex addicts’   Called for men to not become ‘womanisers’ and to have ‘chasteness’ ‘Moral regression’:…

More No-Go Areas For Non-Muslims Yet Again #StarCity #EDLWestMids #Birmingham

Click pic above for the story. Why so much animosity all of a sudden against people who are white? I quote a mate of mine who said: “You lot are the new n*****s of the ’70’s, now you know how we felt” and he said it in front of a copper who had stopped another … Continue reading

Racist Lefties? Shock Horror! #EDLNews #GaryHastings #SEA #HopeNotHate

Gary Hastings/Moon/England being naughty again. Taken from Gary England/Moon/Hastings group – EDL News – a group of far left, Che loving, anti-Israeli, pro-Hamas, pro-IRA, anti-patriotic hypocrites who claim to expose racism – being racist. Their group is open for anyone to see, so go take a look if you wish. Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/629855530394248/ We have … Continue reading

Why Why Why #Ahalmdulillah ? #wmi #nei #Birmingham

Try saying that drunk! Oh sorry I forgot, they ain’t allowed to drink. So… let’s all donate, shall we? Let’s donate to little girls having half their genitals cut off. Let’s all donate money so men can force their women to dress in bin bags like pieces of shit. Let’s all give a donation for … Continue reading

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