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Letter to Stan

Originally posted on Ken Lukowiak:
In response to Stan Collymore’s tweet, Falkland’s veteran and author Ken Lukowiak has some positive news for Stan.   Dear Stanley, This afternoon I’m looking at my Facebook page, when up pops a post containing a screen shot of a tweet you made.  It was about the Falklands and you…

An Open Letter To Stan Collywally #Collymore #epicrants #casualsunited

This was shared with us… it is a letter written to Stan Collymore from someone who actually knows what he is talking about:     An open letter to Stan. Sorry it goes on a bit: Hey Stan I dare say you’re probably receiving a lot of mail now, a bit like Santa Claus at … Continue reading

Meet the little Commie who ripped up Lee Rigby flowers in #Sheffield #edl

i wonder what people will say at her funeral??? disrespectful evil little no mark Bastards all of them.

How is this story not in the mainstream news? #suffolkcountycouncil

“Gary Hastings” and “Vicky Clementine” exposed #edl #bnp #ashington

The Religion of Peace

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Casuals Bookshop