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Yet another racist attack in Ashton Under Lyne #Nwi #Casualsunited #Edl

Originally posted on nwifightback's Blog:
Today (26.62013) has seen yet another racist attack in Ashton Under Lyne by members of the so called religion of peace Witness account : ASHTON ATTACK UPDATE A twenty year old girl witnessed a vicious assault on a white lad, aged between 25-30 years old, by two Asian (Muslim)…

Islamic Terrorist Organization Places Bounty on Counterjihad Website Administrators *UPDATED*

Originally posted on sharia unveiled:
*See update at bottom by, Schuyler Montague While researching our story yesterday on the recent removal of Counterjihad pages by Facebook, we uncovered some very disturbing information.  In an attempt to locate the source of the Islamic onslaught against the freedom of expression, we ventured down the rabbit hole of…

Burnley #NWFF Demo 22nd June. #Nwi #Casualsunited

Originally posted on nwifightback's Blog:
Yesterday saw roughly 300 proud Patriots and Nationalists descend on Burnley to demonstrate against the Islamification of Britain and Mass Immigration. The weather was dire but even the heavy rain couldn’t put a dampner on the collective pride that seemed to be in the air. The day started off…

Young Girl Bullied Online For Simply Posting A Video #casualsunited #nwi #ashton

Everyone now has seen or heard of the video circulating Facebook of the muslim males who randomly attacked some boys and girls who were just stood at a bus stop. Have a read of this Blog: Ashton under Lyne Update This is just one person who posted it on her Facebook wall. How many others … Continue reading

Ashton under Lyne update #edl #manchester #riversofblood

A teenage girl was bullied online for posting this video on her Facebook page. Blog to come later.

Violent #UAF Abuse Ex British Soldiers #walkforlee #casualsunited #evf #sea #nwi #manchester

This has been reblogged from the British Patriots Society website. Violent UAF Abuse Ex British Soldiers <— click to read full article with pictures. What I read in that article is absolutely disgusting. I will repost his statement here so you can read: Saturday 1st June 2013 Manchester City Centre On Saturday 1st June 2013, … Continue reading

TELLMAMA gets caught chatting shit and intimidating critics and loses his funding LOL #edl


News from #Sheffield #EDL #casualsunited #evf #sea #ukip

Quality 😀 I see that comment on the picture “pint at 9am”… And? I’ve seen them drinking at 9am, and I don’t see any druggie rooms being set up for any “right wing” groups do I? I don’t know why UAF still bother, they fail in public all the time. Who paid respects and held … Continue reading

#Iran Goes Barking Mad #casualsunited #evf #sea #nwi #barkingmad

From this article: So much for man’s best friend: Iran bans dog-walking in public and warn animals could be ‘arrested’ if caught outside How ridiculous is this?  This woman lives in Iran. (Dog has been disguised for it’s own protection as we are not yet sure of the legalities in it’s case.) “Deputy police chief … Continue reading

This waste of space Callum Skylit-Drive Teasdale need to grow up making comment like blowing the EDL will get you put in jail #casualsunited #nwi #nei #sea #evf #edl #gimps

OMG. Get that first pic. Does your mum let you go out with that haircut? I think I will have to report her to social services. Now I have bad hair days, I just put a hat on. I don’t plaster pics of it all over the internet. FUCK. ME. No Surrender to Bieber Haircuts … Continue reading

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