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Dear me, we’ve reached a stage where Facebook is seen as a credible source for “Journalists” the shame of it

http://politicalscrapbook.net/2010/09/nazi-sympathies-of-edl-laid-bare-as-facebook-posts-signed-with-heil-hitler-code/ Quotes from various commies in a Guardian debate “In my opinion, you can learn everything you ‘need’ to know about the EDL by spending a day looking at their Facebook page. The rallies tend to be their ‘public’ face, yet they are completely inept at covering up their true side on this site. They … Continue reading

Two white Converts on way to UK to launch terror

German men on terror charges remanded Two German nationals charged with terrorism offences have been remanded in custody by London magistrates. Christian Emde, 28, and Robert Baum, 23, were arrested earlier this month entering the UK at the port of Dover. The Muslim converts were charged at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court with collecting or … Continue reading

Memory lane – Anti white violence in Peterborough ignored by police

Peterborough – proof that the police allow muslim youth to wander about tooled up and attacking white people 29122010   Proof that at demos the police turn a blind eye to mobs of muslim youth wandering around carrying sticks and attacking random white people they come across. The white victim here doesnt look like EDL and … Continue reading

EDL Pompey demo

By Clare Semke and Jeff Travis Published on Monday 18 July 2011 08:11 CITY leaders have condemned English Defence League protesters who marched through Portsmouth – telling them: ‘Don’t come back’. The clear message came after hundreds of EDL members snaked through the city centre on Saturday as part of a planned protest. Organisers had … Continue reading

British Patriots Society march London August 20th

British Patriots Society 20072011 Fellow Patriots join the British Patriots Society on a Peaceful March & Demonstration on 20th August (date has had to be changed due to Olympic events) to voice our opinions on – Why Britain should pull out of the E.U.! Why Britain should STOP giving GOVERNMENT FOREIGN AID! And Demand that the … Continue reading

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Muslamic Rayguns T shirts now available


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