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Even more Muslim groomers off the streets (well done the old bill)

Five men sentenced to total of 38 years for child sexual exploitation offences 20 April 2012 Updated: 20 April 2012   Five men have today (Friday) been sentenced to a total of over 38 years after subjecting two teenage girls to a harrowing two day ordeal in a house and hotel in Birmingham. The men … Continue reading

Welcome to multiracial hell (reblogged)

Victoria station samurai sword gang who killed boy are jailed for 18 years Promising footballer killed in “ferocious and merciless” attack Stabbed nine times: Sofyen Belamouadden Victoria station killing: The gang members Victim of Victoria Station stabbing ‘dreamt of playing in World Cup final’ ‘Give youth a say on halting gang violence’ Suggested Topics Old … Continue reading

New Welsh Infidels group #edl #nwi #cxf

Based in Swansea, which has seen a mass influx of Muslim immigration in recent years, we shall be carrying out various demos and will work with our Infidel brothers and sisters of NWI and CXF as and when we see fit. Website coming soon and Swansea demo tba. NSE Welsh Infidels

The British left wing have given up the streets

The UAF’s policies of chumming up to Islamic extremists and supporting Muslim paedophile gangs in Blackpool and Liverpool, much to the disgust of the passing members of the public, mean they are now no longer able to get numbers on the streets. In the North West they have stopped even trying now. One of the … Continue reading

London Mayor – you get what you vote for

London Mayor – Its simple, you vote for Boris or you will get Ken All the London lot who have received polling cards have a simple choice. Regardless of what you think of Boris, if you dont vote for him, or if you sit at home and think its not worth voting then you will get … Continue reading

Joe Cardiff on the Poppy Burners being fined a paltry £50 #edl #casualsunited


Flash demo on now in Hemworth

Flash demo now underway in Hemworth West Yorkshire anyone that can get there please do so. Well done to the patriots that are already there. Got in undetected like a flash demo should be done. Be heard Infidels.

Demo at the Home Office London April 17th

Assembly points will be messaged out as soon as confirmed. France deport their terror suspects why cant we? We will be marching to the Home Office to show our disgust , about their reluctance to deport this hate preacher and terrorist. Muster points tbc following police liasion. Reblogged by Clare

March for England Brighton April 22nd

Hotels are being sorted to make a weekend of it, anyone wanting details text Suzy, Jojo, Roxy or Stabby. Should be a good weekend. Remember nobody to take colours or banners of any group, its a celebration of England and a day for families. Commies have threatened to disrupt but last year they were like … Continue reading

The Religion of Peace

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