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The British left wing have given up the streets

The UAF’s policies of chumming up to Islamic extremists and supporting Muslim paedophile gangs in Blackpool and Liverpool, much to the disgust of the passing members of the public, mean they are now no longer able to get numbers on the streets. In the North West they have stopped even trying now. One of the Liverpool lads told me that in the early days of the EDL/Casuals they were being terrorised by Commies as they only had a small group. Now numbers are so big the Commies dont even attempt it and when they have a few have been subjected to assaults by angry members of the public. The British left are reduced to a group of numpties who twitter crap and screenshot facebook and send it to the police hoping to get someone arrested. Sad and pathetic.

Whose streets? Our streets.


Liverpool Casuals (Urchins)


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