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Barmy Bonehead Bullies Women Online #casualsunited #edl #nwi #failbale #GMP

We all know who this individual is, but…… does he?


He is Joshua Bonehill aka Joshua Bonehill-Paine. He has so many accounts on Facebook, Twitter etc… mostly to write complete and utter rubbish about the Left AND the Right in his blog version of Brothers Grimm, (I heard at one point over 200 different accounts), but also to seriously bully women online for no reason.

We are  somewhat disinclined to Blog about him as he is the biggest attention seeker we have come across in a long, long time and anything written/said about him he believes to benefit him. He even takes it as a compliment to be investigated by Police for his criminal activities online (that’s not for us to Blog as it’s already in the hands of the Law).

A link from 2 years ago wouldn’t hurt though:

bonehead2Young Tory broke into a police station and stole inspectors uniform

It would appear he has a very strange obsession with one of the admins of The British Patriots Society Facebook Page. A female one no less. We who visit the page on a regular basis will know who the admins are and the one female one has been bullied to the extent the Police are now involved.

I find all these Police related things strange as well. He seems to like their attention………. just sayin’

We looked at his latest attempt at God-only-knows-what and….
… we noticed all the comments on it came from the same person!

See for yourselves (note the bottom left corner):
roo lie1roo lie2roo lie3roo lie4roo lie5roo lie6roo lie7roo lie8

If you hover your mouse cursor over the name, the link appears in the bottom left of the picture. The screenies didn’t show the cursor, only that the name went blue. Try it for yourself.

Here is what the British Patriots think of him: Joshua Bonehill of the Daily Bale Exposed as an anti-British, anti-Patriotic Troll

ulsterpiccraig roo lie9


Please click the link above those 2 screenies for the full story.

We think he is an idiot with sociopathic behaviour which makes him very dangerous. No, Joshy that is NOT a compliment! It’s a warning to the relevant authorities that you need one of those special jackets…


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4 thoughts on “Barmy Bonehead Bullies Women Online #casualsunited #edl #nwi #failbale #GMP

  1. Absolutely spot on 🙂

    Posted by Maggie Chapman | March 3, 2014, 11:27 pm
  2. Brilliant read this like the rest of your blogs keep the good work up

    Posted by carlosthecasual | March 5, 2014, 8:54 pm
  3. Reblogged this on Carlos the Casual.

    Posted by carlosthecasual | March 5, 2014, 8:55 pm

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