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Someone Didn’t Tell Our Friend #Anjem #Choudary Panto Season Is Over #casualsunited #anjemchoudary #edl #evf #nwi

You couldn’t make this bloke up.
He holds his wanky little hatefests (complete with pathetic jihad flags LOL) on Weekdays when the very people he slates here are hard at work. Does he really believe the shit he comes out with, or is it a total wind-up? The only characters I’ve seen played as well as this are the ones by Sacha Baron Cohen.
Why is this, Anjem? Why don’t you have your sad excuses for “demos” on a Weekend when these people are available for comment – to you in person?
I actually don’t think they would physically be able, as they would be rolling about on the floor pissing themselves laughing!
choudary clown 2
“He went on to tell a 30 strong crowd: ‘We are going to take England, the Muslims are coming.'” LMAO!!!
So, you are coming to take England are you? All 31 of you? Good luck with that one.

This bloke is such a muppet. Instead of a new Mosque in East London I think we need a new Psychiatric Unit. No one takes him seriously, apart from the raggle-taggle (no pun intended lol) of dazed and confused followers he has, trailing him like blind donkeys following something that vaguely smells a bit like carrot, screaming “jihad! jihad!” like a baby who has accidentally dropped its dummy out of its mouth.

Anjem, everyone knows you are just a “beardy weirdy fucker who just makes things up” – quote taken from “Mahmud Nasir” in the film “The Infidel”. Have you watched? It’s very funny 😉
Your old mate Abu Hamza is in there too LOL.

I suggest a change of meds for you, me ole china, or a different dealer. You’re not on the same planet as the rest of us. Have a nice day now.

NFSE to Beardy Weirdy Fuckers Who Just Make Things Up 🙂 Holly xxx

***Edit: Just seen this haha http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/4800037/Anjem-Choudary-claims-his-Jihad-Seekers-Allowance-rant-has-been-misunderstood.html

Dickhead LOL.



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2 thoughts on “Someone Didn’t Tell Our Friend #Anjem #Choudary Panto Season Is Over #casualsunited #anjemchoudary #edl #evf #nwi

  1. Hate preacher and a nutcase!

    Posted by Saul Rome | February 19, 2013, 7:46 am

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