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#Commies Appeasing #Paedophiles #casualsunited #edl #evf #nwi #sea #jonvenables #jamesbulger


commies appease paedos 10
Lots of 10 year olds have shit lives, they don’t sexually assualt and murder 2 year old babies.
This woman here blames it on Jamie’s mother. SICK.
Next we have the self-righteous wankers from “EDLNEWS” (“News” my arse LOL!) Saying how it isn’t about defending a paedophile. YEH, RIGHT!
Jon Venables was arrested AGAIN, this time as an ADULT for having child pornography.

commies appease paedos 1commies appease paedos 2commies appease paedos 5 commies appease paedos 6commies appease paedos 3commies appease paedos 4commies appease paedos 6commies appease paedos 7commies appease paedos 8commies appease paedos 9
You people are LIARS!
And just out of interest, the person they name as “Lacette Brookes” is the same person who is bullied online by the same scum that support this “EDLNEWS”. See the Blog HERE

It is NOT about people thinking they are above the law, because sometimes the “Law” sucks. This is an evil paedophile, he was at 10 years old and he still is now.
The pictures that are now viral are of him, he was out getting pissed with his mates and let slip who he actually was.
And it is now TOO LATE as these pictures have gone viral worldwide. Not only from this Blog, or Diddyman’s twitter, or the Casuals facebook page. They are VIRAL shared by “normal people” who happen to agree with most of the world that PAEDOPHILES should NOT be protected.

Would you want the likes of Jon Venables living near to you, whether you have children, or not?
Knowing you lot, you’d have him round for his tea.

NO SURRENDER EVER. To sick paedophiles and their appeasers.


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4 thoughts on “#Commies Appeasing #Paedophiles #casualsunited #edl #evf #nwi #sea #jonvenables #jamesbulger

  1. Nice of them to censor the pics to cover up for paedo

    Posted by casualsunited | February 14, 2013, 4:22 pm
  2. Reblogged this on Carlos the Casual.

    Posted by carlosthecasual | February 20, 2013, 1:25 pm


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