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Matthew #Grannybasher Collins, Fascits, And A Lesson In Sarcasm #HNH #casualsunited #commiefail #evf #nwi

We all know what a pathetic, hypocritical little fucktard this “man” is but sometimes he is good for a giggle.
collins the fashist 1

Is this a remnant of his old self coming out… Remember, this is the guy who bangs on and on about Joe Marsh having a fight and stabbing 2 other lads in the leg 2 decades ago – all similar ages at the time, BTW although Collins is pathetic enough to call the other lads “children” just to try to make the story a little more “tasty” yet he has published books (I wouldn’t waste my money TBH, there are enough screenies online of his garbled crap to know all you need to know) describing how when he belonged to the “far right” he and his friends quite happily beat up old ladies. Read this Forum Here yet since he grassed up all his old mates, his past misdemeanours are all forgotten.

Or, it is an attempt from him at trying to use sarcasm as humour and failing.
In the “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” category we award Mister Granny-Basher with this:

Well Done! That should really be an A Plus!

Well Done! That should really be an A Plus!

Here is a short lesson in how to use sarcasm intelligently (and also be humorous):

HnH, Matthew Collins, Fascits, and Crotchless Pink Knickers

“In the HnH lexicon, “fascist” must be one of their favourite words – yet in this tiny 3 line article (surely it’s not hard to spellcheck 3 lines, or did they hire an African editor who couldn’t speak English in order to prove their multiracial credentials?) they manage a line of:

“Less than fifty fascits turned up amid tight security for breakfast at their rendezvous at the KFC just off the A46/A6 junction in Leicestershire.”

Fascits?  A new range of biscuits?  A tribe of pygmies from Burkina Faso who HnH will now be championing?  An embarrassing condition of the buttock area caused by chafing from those pink crotchless panties?

Very sloppy all round HnH, best get some more funding so you can send Collins on a basic journalism and English course.

No need to thank us for correcting your sloppy work Matthew – have a nice day, and if you did buy frilly undies at that “get secret together” event you ‘accidentally’ attended then please don’t write a book about it.  Best get some ointment to treat those nasty fascits though.

*Regular HnH commenter B31 Antifascist (or should that now be B31 Antifascit?) has now posted to tell us “….But well done with the detective work with the BDP, the first of many master strokes we can all look forward to for 2013.  It really is true, HnH knows more about the fashies than they’d like to divulge to their own ‘sheeple’!”

Cheers for the chuckle Collins. Don’t give up the day job…
NFSE! S.D. xxx


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