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More No-Go Areas For Non-Muslims Yet Again #StarCity #EDLWestMids #Birmingham

Click pic above for the story.

Why so much animosity all of a sudden against people who are white?

I quote a mate of mine who said: “You lot are the new n*****s of the ’70’s, now you know how we felt” and he said it in front of a copper who had stopped another two of my friends while out shopping asking where was the flash demo? LOL.
Here is an example of an Eid celebration. The others I have seen and just went to look for have been removed (thank fuck.)

WARNING: it is NOT nice:

Why the need for the bloodfest?

star city 9b

Here are a few opinions about Star City:

star city 1b

star city 2b


star city 3b

star city 5

star city 6

star city 7Dunno what he is on? ^^^ ?

antifa squad 1

And what EXACTLY is all that about??? What drugs is that person on?

We have looked for the page but it seems to have been removed.

FYI I do *actually* have a proper nice suntan going on 😉 that’s one thing what’s good about being white, you can change colour when you want 😉

Hope it fucking rains down on you bigtime 😀 haha have a nice day NFSE! Kayleigh xxx

star city 10

And the MP for the area is… *quelle surprise*

star city 11


email: shabana.mahmood.mp@parliament.uk



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