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Why Why Why #Ahalmdulillah ? #wmi #nei #Birmingham

Try saying that drunk!

Oh sorry I forgot, they ain’t allowed to drink.

why why abdulla 1

So… let’s all donate, shall we? Let’s donate to little girls having half their genitals cut off.
Let’s all donate money so men can force their women to dress in bin bags like pieces of shit.
Let’s all give a donation for a gay man to be hanged.
Let’s all just chuck money at the very people who hate us, and who just want our country’s money.

Donate to these kinds of charities and the money does NOT go to the people.
It goes into the governments pockets so they can buy weapons to kill.

They do NOT give 2 shits about those people. They are terrorists, rapists, child abusers, misogynists and evil Bastards. They give decent muslims the bad name that they have.

I’m off for a nice bacon butty just to celebrate Ramalamadingdong. Enjoy 🙂

NFSE, Kelly 😀 xxx


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