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The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of #Fashists… #edl #nwi

IMG_20140629_135149 IMG_20140629_135155 IMG_20140629_141753

I really do love how people get labelled and so many air-heads just have to rabbit on and on…

If anyone is actually concerned please refer to this blog: Assault On The Woman That Didn’t Happen.

That is Gail named in the above article.

The writer of that article seems a bit pissed off the women are now speaking out.

We females are just pissed off with the misogyny of certain individuals of certain “religions” and people who say they run a human rights group (HNH) when their group is riddled with paedos and liars and keyboard warriors.

We think you are disgusting… the way you can’t control your stares when we walk about in our summer clothes.
YOU are the pervy neanderthal bastards who can’t control yourselves and your hormones.

THAT is why you make your women dress in bin bags.

We don’t hate people who are “different”… we like people whoever they are but we are fucking sick of England being the whole worlds’ wet nurse.

If you claim asylum… real asylum… you go to the first safe country after yours. You do NOT travel halfway round the world to the next country that gives you a free house.

Why are there 100s of Romanians sleeping rough in London? Why can’t they sleep rough in Romania?

homeless spikes 1 homeless spikes 2
The Spikes have been placed BECAUSE of all the Eastern European homeless…

And people wonder why we are angry?

IMG_20140629_135116 IMG_20140629_145832

I don’t feel very Culturally Enriched right now…

daves noose 2

camoron lies 3

camoron lies 4

…How about you, Dave?



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