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Pair Jailed For Mosque Bacon Attack #SDL #NWI #Casualsunited

Let’s Just See How Ridiculous Our Laws Have Become:

lambie cruik 1

Here is the story: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-27941589


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Chelsea Lambie didn’t even put any bacon there. She just took pictures. Ok, so she may have “aided and abetted” but for fuck’s sake, she’s a kid.
She’s a kid who sees her country being taken over, she is scared and frustrated like a lot of us are because our Governments do Jack Shit. It seems it is ok that the muslim youth can be understandably frustrated and their attacks can be mitigated, so why not this? Why is this not the same?!

Camoron has only started speaking out because there were calls for him to be beheaded!
I agree that he is a wanker but beheading is a bit extreme.. a good kicking might (and I say might) knock some proper sense into him but we can only dream.

But jailing someone for putting bacon on a door handle?
Ok, that may be a bit offensive but like the picture above says.. isn’t it just as offensive to us when they burn poppies, insult our soldiers, insult our Queen and get away with it?
2  Words: Lee Rigby.
That doesn’t even touch the sides of “offensive”.

And jailing a teenage girl just because she took some pictures? Do me a favour.

We will not be silenced and we will not tolerate your 2 tier system and double standards any more.



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