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Letter to Stan

Ken Lukowiak

In response to Stan Collymore’s tweet, Falkland’s veteran and author Ken Lukowiak has some positive news for Stan.  

Dear Stanley,

This afternoon I’m looking at my Facebook page, when up pops a post containing a screen shot of a tweet you made.  It was about the Falklands and you said:

‘Falklands?  Wasn’t anyone’s.  We just theived (sic) it, as we do.  What glory, what triumph.  A fucking island with sheep.  Rule Britannia’.

I was just about to rip into you with my bayonet type wit, when I think ‘Hang on a minute here handsome.  What if it’s fake?’  And to be honest, as tweets go,  it was so insensitive and so ignorant, that it could well be faked.  So I checked.  And it’s not fake.  You actually wrote those words.

So, immediately I think:  ‘Is he fucking stupid or what?’  But then I remembered the tabloid headlines and the…

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One thought on “Letter to Stan

  1. Looks like this was censored. Must have offended a muzrat or raghead appologist, guess this will go the same way.

    Posted by recog1 | June 10, 2014, 9:48 am

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