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Muslims Using Planes Illegally (What Else Is New?!) #lancashire #nwi #casuals #evf

Members of the Religion of Peace have a habit of using aircraft and airspace to break the law…

Just fortunately this was not a terrorism stunt:
illegal plane 1
It was just another case of them thinking they can take liberties when they can’t.
It was seen flying over areas of Lancashire earlier today.

We are informed by a credible source that using UK airspace for Religious and Political propaganda is Not allowed.

“They shouldn’t be using an aircraft for this purpose (Religious and political propaganda) within UK airspace. As many people as possible fill-out the complaint form to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) stating that you feel threatened and intimidated and that the aircraft was seen well below 200ft near residential areas. An air investigation will be launched and the pilot/owner will have their licence revoked, with an unlimited fine. Regards, **** (Ex-RAF Air Traffic Control and also a pilot.) Cheers.”

Here is the link where you report them:

5W. Sick of hearing Mo’s name 🙂


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