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Racist Diane Abbott Just Has To Open Her Fat Mouth #markduggan #tottenham #casualsunited

This bigoted racist just can’t help opening her mouth to use murders to further her own political agenda.

We are ALL sick and tired of seeing this old bag wheeled out like a ventriloquists puppet (because surely she doesn’t come up with this shite all by herself?!) every time there is a murder on a member of the “black community”.

racist abbott 1
For one, why is there even a “black community”? Aren’t we all supposed to be living in peace alongside each other and not giving a fuck about someone’s colour?
Round where I live there are people from all types of “community”, and we all live together as one community.
If someone from our community got murdered, we would want justice REGARDLESS of what their colour was.

Ms. Abbott, you “lady”, are one massive disgrace to this country and even the word “multiculturalism”.
You seem to STILL have some kind of massive chip on your shoulder about “Colonial rule”…

Can I just point out that NEITHER YOU OR I WERE EVEN BORN THEN!!!

You stupid, ignorant, bigoted arsehole.

No fucking surrender to c*nts like Diane Abbott MP who can’t get over the past and enter the real world.

“Iz it coz I iz black?”
No, Diane, it’s cos you are a narrow minded, manipulative, lying, bigoted scumcunt. 🙂

YOU are the fucking racist, Abbott!!!



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2 thoughts on “Racist Diane Abbott Just Has To Open Her Fat Mouth #markduggan #tottenham #casualsunited

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