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Update On The Farce That Was The #EDLWalsall Demo Trial #wmp #casualsunited #evf #sea

Well, guys, Panto Season has definitely arrived!

We Blogged this Trial HERE

As the results of the EDL Walsall Demo Trial came in, no one knew whether to laugh or not. If you saw it in a film you would say “OMG that film was so shit, it was just not realistic at all!”.

The following is taken from the EXPRESS AND STAR:
2 tier walsall 12 tier walsall 2

According to BBC West Midlands Radio, 31 EDL were  sentenced to  a total of 60 years between them.
We couldn’t help but notice these sentences being quite different to the following in comparison:

(Taken from the West Midlands Met Police website)
walsall results 3I thought assault on Police was taken far more seriously than the same assault on a civilian, and certainly more seriously than someone with no previous convictions throwing some coins?! (14 months prison).
Or individuals who are just stood there “looking aggressive and threatening”.
Someone with an offensive weapon would be found more aggressive and threatening to most normal people than a man with a bald head and some tattoos.

2 tier walsall 3

After informing members of the general public of these facts, every single one of them were shocked but not surprised.
Just see our previous Blog containing an “interesting” video. NFSE.

walsal truth 1

walsal truth 2


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