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Update On Lee #Rigby Trial #leerigby #casualsunited #evf #sea

Update on the trial of Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebolawe for the Murder of Lee Rigby.
Monday 9th December 2013

2:36 pm LATEST COURT UPDATE. (thanks to a friend posting on Facebook)

The trial resumed with the cross-examination of Adebolajo prosecutor Richard Whittam QC.

Whittam said: “Which particular war were you fighting? If you are a soldier of Allah, who does that allow you to kill?”

Adebolajo replied: “In battles Mohammed has fought in he targeted the military. He does not fight civilians. Afghanistan is of course one of them. Just because I did not fight at this time does not mean it was not obligatory upon me to fight. To my understanding the war in Afghanistan is still ongoing.”

Whittam asked: “What about Iraq?”

Adebolajo added: “‘That war obviously had finished. My primary concern is Afghanistan and those unjust wars that are ongoing.

“The truth is that no muslim hopes to have to kill anybody. However just as general in British army who plans an attack knowing full well that people will die, this is what happens in war. When we target a soldier to take his life this is not a casual thing, it is a military operation.”

He told the court: “Jihad is by its very nature, political. It’s not something that is to be taken lightly. Those who are responsible for sending British troops to kill Muslims, it just so happens those people who have control over the military are in government.”

Whittam said: “You chose to attack somebody in public in daylight hours. Having attempted to decapitate him, you threw his body in the road. You were doing that so people could see what you had done.”

Adebolajo replied: “The truth is this, after the vehicle crashed I became aware that people thought what had occurred was just a car accident. The problem of this I could foresee people beginning to gather.

“I did not want a have a go hero. I decided to move the soldier’s body into the road far away from me so that it became clear that anybody who approaches me they would be trying to harm me in some way.”

Adebolajo refused to tell the court when he began plotting the attack. -C

Since the media STILL don’t give this the coverage it deserves, instead choosing to weep and wail about a convicted terrorist who had a penchant for a certain type of necklace, yes he did his time but when released still endorsed ethnic cleansing in his country (more about that later) and instead use it as another excuse to not report the trial.

I also notice the lack of news about “Marine A” in comparison.

Isn’t it somewhat convenient that Mandela dies just at exactly the “right time”?



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