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Racist Steven Baker Is A Grass Too #HerefordUTD #SwanseaNF #casualsutd

Once a grass, always a grass?

Meet Steven Baker:

racist cunt sbaker 1

He is a massive racist and reckons he would rather stand with a White islamic extremist than a Black Patriot defending our country purely because of the colour of their skin.
He took offence at a picture someone was tagged in on Facebook:
union boot 1smlNow, Mr Steven Baker won’t stand with ANYBODY.
He runs and hides amongst the Swansea National Front.

Taken from THIS STORY:

Footy hooligans admit attacking Albion fans


THIRTEEN football hooligans have admitted taking part in a savage attack on Burton Albion fans.The men admitted being behind the shocking violence which marred the club’s victory against Hereford United at Eton Park on September 19 last year.
The 13, all of whom are from Hereford, appeared before Stafford Crown Court to plead guilty to violent disorder.
They will be sentenced at a later date, once pre-sentencing reports have been drawn-up.
The violence erupted during half-time of Albion’s 4-1 victory against the then league leaders. Fans watched on in terror as the hooligans invaded the pitch and charged towards the home end.
They jumped into the Pop Side stand and started kicking and punching Albion supporters.
Stewards and even Hereford’s substitutes tried to pull the hooligans away but the blows kept raining in.
Albion supporters also claimed that they were pelted with coins and bottles thrown from the Hereford end, one of which struck a child in the face.
Following the incident, detectives launched a massive man-hunt, studying video footage of the violence.
Albion chairman Ben Robinson said of the trouble at the time: “The team’s fine performance was marred by the outrageous behaviour from a group of Hereford fans.”
In the days after the attack, fans flooded Albion’s Internet message board to voice their disgust at the trouble.
However, on a fan site of Hereford, who have a history of football violence, messages boasted about the incident.
One read: “It was like the 70s again and makes me suspect it was organised. Shame about the result on the pitch but Hereford won off it.”
Following the attack, the Mail teamed up with the police to publish a selection of photos in the hope of identifying the offenders.
Detectives from the Trent Valley division travelled to Hereford to work with West Mercia Police.
They obtained a graphic video of the nine minutes of violence, which proved crucial in finding those responsible.
The men are David John Ellis, 30, Stephen Wiliam West, 52, Anthony Vitro Colandra, 26, Robert John Morris, 24, Robert Falcon Scott, 30, Stacey Paul Jennings, 22, Wayne Milner, 26, Benjamin Lewis, 18, David Watkins, 41, Craig Preece, 20, Steven Alan Sabel, 19, Russell Peter Davey, 25 and Roger James Vedmore, 19.
The attack came less than a week after Albion supporters were allegedly kicked and punched following an away tie against Telford United. That case is currently being dealt with in the court.

Now, these were Mr Steven Baker’s mates. He grasses them up and then fucks off as fast as he can to hide with Swansea Nazis.

Who’s gonna stand with you now, Stevie? A bunch of racist pussies?

That’s if you’re lucky, cos NO ONE LIKES A GRASS 😀
Have a nice day now. Holly xxx


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