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Bother Over The #Burka (Again) #selfridges #casualsunited #sea #evf #nwi

Everyone has now heard about the raid in Selfridges in London (please click picture below for the story)…

Now, wait until white criminals start doing it too… just wait, because they will, and then and only then will anyone with any power to do so, start talking about banning it for EVERYBODY because wearing it in a public place is ANTISOCIAL and as we have now been proven, it is a SECURITY RISK.

Take a look at the article and pictures here: Burka Bandits robbing banks in America

The latest reasons for wearing it come from teenage girls who say:
a) They wear it to rebel against parents or other adults and
b) As a form of protest about images in the media of western women and how they “should” look.

Now, I can’t argue with those reasons per se BUT then by the same token can a teenage boy be allowed to go about in a balaclava because it upsets parents and other adults?
Can I dress in a face covering in public to protest about the media?
Or can only a burka be worn to protest for these reasons?
Does the burka have to be in islamic-friendly colours? Or can we choose whatever colour we like such as this? :
st george burka 1

Your religion argument failed because nowhere in the koran does it say it is compulsory to wear it. Everyone knows this now, so now you have thought up some other reasons why girls/women should “be allowed” to wear it. We have questioned those reasons also… so?

Those girls already admitted they felt pressured by the media, so they are impressionable aren’t they, by their own admission? Are they impressionable enough to be coached what to say by a highly respected (and maybe feared) member of their community such as an Imam?

Just a supposition, like.
So, what say you…?

Think of another reason (a decent one this time) why they should be “allowed” to wear it.
A reason that far outweighs the importance of National Security.
Is a teenage girl’s need to rebel against her parents and the media far more important than National Security?

We have marked your report card “Must try harder”.



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