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Stick Your Section 14… #nwi #casualsunited #sea #liverpool #WeGoWhereWeWant

Commies thought it was their birthday this morning…

With the news that Merseyside Police have been attempting to issue Section 14 orders on members of the North West Infidels and South East Alliance and other members of various Patriot groups across the country in preparation for their Demo in Liverpool tomorrow. The demo is being held because the IRA supporters want to hold a March through the city.
The IRA are terrorist scum and the NWI don’t want them on the streets of their city.
diddy non receipt 1
When and where did he confirm receipt of said Section 14?
Do you not know anything?
The Officer issuing the Section 14 order on a person must witness them receiving it, either the Officer must tell them verbally while issuing them with the piece of paper, OR they must witness the person taking the paper from them and the Officer must inform the person what the paper is before the person takes it.

Have these commies never actually been to a demo?
diddy non receipt 2But then again, most of these commies are just keyboard warriors and rarely go out of doors unless it is to check whether or not their mate Caroline Lucas has opened them a new junkie room yet.
Or to throw rocks from the seafront at innocent people. They go out of doors for this too.
invalid s14 2Oh, but what is this?
All Section 14s are now invalid?
So, all those pieces of litter that were dropped onto people’s doormats this morning when the Police could not get an answer to their knock (maybe no one heard them?) were a double waste of time then. HA! Fail.

That video above was made by the South East Alliance.
Another version made by NWI is here: NWI Message for Merseyside Police

We Go Where We Want. NFSE.


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