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#Iran Goes Barking Mad #casualsunited #evf #sea #nwi #barkingmad

barking mad 1

From this article: So much for man’s best friend: Iran bans dog-walking in public and warn animals could be ‘arrested’ if caught outside

How ridiculous is this? 
This woman lives in Iran. (Dog has been disguised for it’s own protection as we are not yet sure of the legalities in it’s case.)
shohreh bad dog 1
“Deputy police chief Ahmad Reza Radan told the Fars news agency that they ‘will confront those who walk their dogs in the streets. Cars carrying dogs will also be impounded.'”

Ok then. So, if the dog “refuses” to stand during his trial, will he get done for contempt of court also?
Will he need Barbara Woodhouse as his lawyer? “Rover now STAAAAND UP!”

K9-dog 2All this from the Religion of Peace and Sanity.

Dogs sometimes just don’t take any old shit from tossers.
Dogs are “unclean” are they? Really?
This coming from someone who wipes his arse with his bare hand. OK.

Better get Plod round to arrest this bunch of thugs then:

cute dogs outdoors 2
And these are just wrong’uns. You can see in the pic, they are clearly out of doors in the daytime:

wronguns outside 1

Bad doggies! LOL. NFSE to dickheads.


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