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Hope not Hates attempts to disrupt Lee Rigby memorials (Video enclosed) #Nwi #Edl #Casualsunited #Woolwich

These individuals (we can’t say “people” as they are not human) are absolutely appalling and disgusting. They’ve done a doubletake. They accuse the people holding these marches as hijacking this horrendous attack for their own politics, when in reality, it’s exactly what Hope not Hate (shouldn’t that be Hate not Hope?) and UAF are doing. Hypocrite scum.

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A little while ago we signed up to the Hope not Hate newsletter via their ever so helpful email service that anyone can sign up to so we could keep up to date with anything they had planned.

Today when I woke up and checked my emails there was one sat there from no other than the annoying supposed comedian Eddie Izzard that contains a letter that they are asking people to sign as a show of solidarity against the Edl and their respectful silent marches that are being held up and down the Country on Saturday 1st June. Here it is

Latest E-mail from Hope not Hate. This one’s from Eddie Izzard and this is going in the Daily Mirror tomorrow.


Even for the EDL, this is staggeringly low.

At up to 60 demos tomorrow — more than we’ve seen in a long time — the EDL will…

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