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Bobby Birch – UAF Plans to disrupt Silent Walks for Lee Rigby #Nwi #Edl #Casualsunited

This twat doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. What’s it with commies and being confused? They are confused over their own identity LOL.

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Here we give you Bobby Birch of Unite Against Fascism. Bobby here used to be an active member of the Leeds Division of the English Division but for reasons unknown decided to switch over to the Anti Fascist side of things. Maybe it was because members of Leeds Edl had to keep pulling him to one side and have a word in his shell like about the strange odour that came from his body. I think thats why anyway.

Here’s Bobby at an Edl demo. Ginge in the middle of the flag. Funny looking fucker, no not that one. Yeah him.


Heres another of him at the Dewsbury demo. Take a thought for the poor girl stood next to him whilst he’s got his arm in the air. (See earlier comments about bad smell) No wonder she’s keeping her distance.



Now we’ve seen him at Edl demos lets see him…

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