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War Memorials Vandalised In City Of #London #casualsunited #edl #evf #sea #woolwich

Two War Memorials were vandalised in the City of London in the wake of the horrific slaughter of Lee Rigby. The RAF Bomber Command Memorial in Green Park and the Animals in War Memorial in Park Lane.

bomber command sml 1After the English Defence League march through London, some Patriots were made aware of the fact that a lone elderly man was at the Memorial trying to clean the graffiti off.
Please read this Blog: Vandals daub word ‘Islam’ on two London war memorials

bomber command sml 2

They bought him some sandwiches and a bottle of water and went to help him clean it off but when they arrived, there was a female Police Officer there who informed them that the Police had been sent to guard it and the elderly man, who was ex-Forces himself, had been sent away because the Memorial is made of a special stone and needed a professional to deal with it. They told the Patriots that the following morning someone would be there to clean it off and until they did, the Police were to guard it.

bomber command sml 3

bomber command sml 4

The RAF Benevolent Fund’s website please read: RAF BENEVOLENT FUND

bomber command sml 5

This Policeman obviously “wasn’t allowed to make a comment” but off the record, he had plenty of comment. His usual manor is Woolwich. Say no more.

bomber command sml 9

Members from the English Defence League, Casuals United, South East Alliance and English Volunteer Force went to help the Veteran clean off the graffiti.

bomber command sml 7

And they were true to their word as well. Here is the man this morning, cleaning off the SHIT.
Some people wonder if this was actually Muslims who did it. Just look at the writing. Not their usual M.O.
They usually have to make a point also but this is just one word.

bomber command sml 8

AND what level of scum cunt do you have to be to deface a War Memorial for ANIMALS?????????


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