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“I Can’t Afford To Live Anymore” #bedroomtax #dwp #casualsunited #solihull #ATOS

The other day we reblogged this: ATOS And DWP Kill Again.
Now today I am watching Sky News and I am hearing about this woman: Bedroom Tax Blamed For Woman’s Suicide.

A woman who committed suicide left a note blaming the Government’s so-called bedroom tax for her death.

Stephanie Bottrill, who killed herself earlier this month, wrote in her final letter: “I don’t [blame] anyone for me death expect [sic] the government.”

Her son Steven, 27, said she was struggling to cope after being told to pay £20-a-week extra for two under-occupied bedrooms at her home in Solihull.

He told the Sunday People: “I couldn’t believe it. She said not to blame ourselves, it was the Government and what they were doing that caused her to do it.

“She was fine before this bedroom tax. It was dreamt up in London, by people living in offices and big houses. They have no idea the effect it has on people like my mum.”

Ms Bottrill died 10 days ago. She was 53.

In the days running up to her death she had told neighbours: “I can’t afford to live any more.”

Our OWN Government are killing people left, right and centre.
If someone feels they need to take their own life as a direct result of the actions of another, then that person is guilty of something, surely?! They have made someone feel so desperate they want to take their own life.

Have there not been cases of victims of bullying taking their own lives and the bullies then being prosecuted?
I know of lots of cases where a victim of a crime such a a burglery has had a heart attack as a result of the stress due to that burglery and the perpetrator has been charged with manslaughter.

Why is this not the same? The man in the ATOS story had everything to live for. Even though he had a serious illness and could not work, he still had a good life. Yet, ATOS the mercenaries of the Government decided to play God with his life. Turns out they were wrong too. He WASN’T fit for work was he? Oops, sorry. Is that what you said to his Mrs? Oh, we are sorry, we made a mistake. He was actually too ill to work after all.

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2 thoughts on ““I Can’t Afford To Live Anymore” #bedroomtax #dwp #casualsunited #solihull #ATOS

  1. Please support my petition to get rid of IDS before we end up with more deaths … please share the petition on your contacts list

    Posted by Henry Page | May 13, 2013, 9:15 pm
    • This will be shared all over. IDS (or should we call him IBS cos that’s how he churns my guts) needs to speak to ill people. Who the hell does he think he is? How many receipts has he turned in to claim money back. C#NT.
      Thank you for your comment.
      Never ever surrender. EVER.
      Because it winds them all up when you fight them back 😉

      Posted by muslamicrayguns | May 15, 2013, 1:48 am

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