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The Assault On The Woman That *Didn’t* Happen #casualsunited #evf #NWI #wakefield

assault that didnt happen 1


Are you happy now?

wank slated 1morgan slated 1morgan slated 2Probably still not enough “proof” for you tho is it?
You think it is ok for philistines to attack a woman in her home, break the windows of her child’s bedroom, terrorise the family? Put her in hospital with a broken jaw? THIS IS OK IS IT?
Because she is what you call a “racist”. Well, we think you are all scumc*nts of the highest order, we think you are vile and disgusting excuses for human beings but we don’t do your homes and terrorise your families  because we aren’t as prehistoric as you smelly hypocrite fuckers. Go give your heads a wobble.
Oh, you don’t even know how to do that, even with the high levels of education you say you have (see yesterday’s Blog).
Jog the FUCK on now. No Surrender, EVER.
gails window 1

And, as the paper didn’t mention it, we will. The attackers were MUSLIM MALES and this is an ongoing RACIAL ATTACK on this one woman and her children.

Just sayin’ like…

broken jaw 1


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9 thoughts on “The Assault On The Woman That *Didn’t* Happen #casualsunited #evf #NWI #wakefield

  1. Massive foamfest right there. You forgot to photoshop a metal age

    Posted by EDL News (@edlnews) | May 10, 2013, 11:40 am
    • But who is foaming really though? You “people” are laughing at a woman getting beaten up, and getting her jaw broken and her children terrorised. You think it’s funny. You people think a nurse got blinded in Brighton and deserved it.
      BTW we do love how you read all our Blogs but we read fuck all of yours. Goodbye you sick cunt.

      Posted by muslamicrayguns | May 10, 2013, 12:20 pm
      • That’s just confirmation bias. You seek out information that agrees with your predisposed ideas, and reject those that go against them. It is no surprise you don’t challenge yourself by reading polarised views to your own.

        “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” – Aristotle.

        Posted by nexuswr | May 10, 2013, 1:50 pm
      • Unsure who you are addressing in your post. There is a picture there of a woman with a broken jaw. How much more “evidence” do people need? Or now will they say she’s just put make up on and faked it. What about the Police requesting for witnesses in the photo of the newpaper article?
        And we didn’t seek out any of that information, it is there in it’s glory.
        Your druggy bangup rooms not open yet, cunts?
        You laugh at women being assaulted and everyone can see you for the scum you REALLY are. Now you can’t back it up. Jog the fuck on.

        Posted by muslamicrayguns | May 10, 2013, 2:39 pm
  2. low life scum should b put down uaf call edl facists well wtf r the muslims they treat dogs beter than there women and worship a peado

    Posted by mark standen | May 10, 2013, 4:47 pm


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