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Facebook’s Leftist Snobs Adore Muslims & Hate the Working Class #casualsunited #sea #evf #nwi

There is group of Hope Not Hate enablers of Islam and Muslims who are permanently on a Facebook page called ‘We Know HowYou Feel About Your So-Called Prophet’. (They also “struggle” against “Islamophobia”, “fascism” and “racism” on many other FB pages too; as well as contributing to Hope Not Hate’s website and EDL News.)
One Hope Not Hate Crew member is Gilly Levett-Carpenter (above). She’s another outright middle-class, possibly upper-middle-class, Leftist snob (like Gary Hastings – or Alan Moon) who despises the working class so much that she over-exaggerates her love for it. She is Hope Not Hate, or at least she can be found on the pages of its website; just as she can be found posting Hope Not Hate links on Facebook.
She, like Hastings, pretends its just EDL members – as well as all the members of all patriotic groups – she thinks are crude and unsophisticated. I bet it’s actually the vast majority of the working class she despises: all except the obviously Leftist or “anti-racist” ones of course. (See the unashamed and relentless middle-class snobbery to be found on Gary, now “Gazza”, Hastings’ EDL News.)
Gilly Levett-Carpenter (the name sort of gives it away) is a product of private school. She’s also a (Leftist) snob who parades her qualifications at every available opportunity.

She defends Islam and Muslims no matter what. That’s her job. So, if you post something that challenges her Leftism, or her unquestioning faith in Islam’s good nature, she will either attack you personally or indulge in snobby middle-class sarcasm. (Sometimes these people have even talked about posts being “without structure” – something their university tutors or professors probably said to them.)  Anyway, they do anything but debate politics…


More about these sickos can be found on this Blog

Are just some. They even think single mothers deserve to be attacked in their own homes.
wank slated 1
morgan slated 1morgan slated 2Read the Blog that I link to above. These people are ridiculous. Earlier I saw someone call them “pompous”. That’s exactly what they are. Sanctimonious, self righteous, patronising, moronic wankers. They are so far stuck up their own arseholes they can’t see any light at all.

Reopen Bedlam Hospital and throw them all in there. No Surrender.


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