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The #Slatedl Admin Is Sick In The Head #casualsunited #edl #mfe #SEA #nwi

slated nurse deserved it 1

Couldn’t make the scum up.

They reckon it’s her own fault for standing there. Did they not read THE NEWS ARTICLE?
It said she was there by accident, and was stood there by coincidence as she went to the seafront to meet a friend. We wrote yesterday how the missile was intended for the two men she happened to stand beside.

Do people deserve to be blinded, just because they have a differing opinion to you? Even if she was there for the Parade, does the fact that she may have wanted to join a St. George’s Parade require her to be blinded?
WTF? Apparently she did lose that eye too.

mfe nurse 1mfe nurse 2mfe nurse 3mfe nurse 4
mfe nurse 5
mfe nurse 6
Where are the “nasty” comments? What, you mean the comments saying that the person that hurt her is a scumbag? Why are they nasty? Don’t you think the person that blinded this woman is “nasty” then?

I only saw the “slated” page admin just bickering about people’s names and spellings, I didn’t see that first screenie of their comment until this morning. And they bleat about arresting people because they joke on their Facebook page they would pay someone to stab Hastings (the main admin of the Slatedl page).
The guy that said it is well known for spouting off rants on his Facebook page. It’s what he does. He’s well known.

Hastings, on the other hand, is NOT known and prefers to hide behind his keyboard. But we do know where he lives. We don’t publish it though because we wouldn’t want to incite people to go round his house.

Although he does publish names and addresses of single mothers.

Yet we are the “thugs” in all this.

slated admin fail 1They took the above screenie themselves. They look like sick in the head mugs. No one condemns the attack on the nurse apart from “Buzz Pompey”. Also, Caroline Lucas is mentioned as having “joked” about throwing stones from the beach. Want to meet up for a drink, Lucas?

Loved their story too.. about the “girl in grey”, that would be the girl who got set upon by seven people? One of whom got a whack to the head. And they cry this person got whacked yet they were part of a group of seven who started on one lone girl. OHHHH-Kay then.

NFSE you have failed massively 🙂 Holly xxx


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