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Commies Glorify Their Violence In #Brighton (Again) #mfe #casualsunited #edl #nwi

We’ve seen that the commies have been foaming all week, asking for our pics and Blogs and reports of the MfE St. George’s Parade last weekend.

Why don’t you think we have done anything? For one, children who constantly ask and harrass for things get told “No” and told to go do something to entertain themselves instead.
But we forget, these aren’t children – or even human – these are commies and they are a whole different species altogether.

Apparently, we are “butthurt” (their favourite word.. I wonder why?) and we were “humiliated” last weekend in Brighton. REALLY?
no humiliation 1

no humiliation 2
The man in the last picture is one of the “Nationalists”, and he is clearly seen in that picture as being a victim of an assault. He does not look “humiliated” though. In fact, I have seen the commie scum on the Slated Facebook page bleating about how he was arrested for assault. But in this picture, you can see he has been assaulted himself.

For weeks leading up to the March for England event, commies were inciting violence and inciting people to attack the march:
incite violence 2slated incite violence 1You can see also from the screenies IN THIS BLOG they think it’s amusing to throw missiles at people. Even our very own Grannybasher Collins is in there, although he has since deleted that tweet. One young lad I saw had been hit on the head by a rock. It could have killed him.

mfe head bandage 1

It is amusing that someone could have been killed? What if it had been a commie? You would be shouting so loud from the rooftops of those buildings in Brighton had it been one of yours. You would be running to the Police and crying your eyes out. But because it was a “racist” it is ok?

The commies say we were humiliated. I don’t think so somehow.
If I had thrown missiles that half blinded someone, I would feel very humiliated.

Please read this: Nurse, 25, could lose the sight in one eye following March for England violence in Brighton

Please note this:
nurse blind mfe 1
The men she was stood beside were the TARGETS of the missile and the description “shaven-headed with heavily tattooed arms” infers they were Marchers as opposed to the commie scum counter-protesters.

This is their take on this though:
slated blind nurse 7slated blind nurse 7b
I personally saw that thread on their page and all they had in response to this woman losing an eye was childish insults about people’s names and spelling mistakes. I screenied 50 of 200 comments of the crap.
The admin on that Facebook page is Gary Fiennes Hastings, likes to post pictures of single women on the internet with their addresses and call them nazis and write other lies about them to incite people to attack them in their homes while they are alone with their children.
He constantly breaks copyright laws yet he bleats on about others and will run crying to the Police at any opportunity. I saw him this morning calling for someone to be arrested for making a comment on their own Facebook page yet he “likes” comments about people getting hurt and he even incites the violence himself (see screenies above).

collins the cunt 1
Granny-Basher soon deleted this comment. Wonder why?

You people should be ashamed.. but you won’t be, because you aren’t normal human beings, you don’t have social awareness, you don’t have consciences and you have a very warped idea of the difference between  Right and Wrong.

This year you planned to attack the Parade the same way you did LAST YEAR.

You didn’t. You were nowhere near. You tried, yes, but you Failed. You even published the hotel where Marshy and his mates were staying at, yet nobody saw any commie scum all day and all night they were in Worthing town. Not even one of you.

You people are disgusting. NFSE. See You Next Time!

melons 1


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