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It Offends #Muslim Sensibilities – Oh The Irony! #casualsunited #edl #intermilan

What is Sensible about THIS?

Click to read —> Inter Milan football strip offends muslims

Who is this joker? He says that the strip reminds muslims of the Crusades and it “offends their sensibilities”…
LOL you couldn’t make it up! As far as I am aware, the cross on their football shirt has nothing to do with England or the Flag of St. George and I am sure that Inter Milan football club didn’t exist during the Crusades and their shirt has nothing to do with them either.

inter milan strip 1

Are you REALLY that pathetically sensitive? I suggest rather than go running to a court of law, you go run as fast as you can to a psychiatrist! You need some counselling for your obvious lack of backbone.

We are bored of hearing about muslims being “offended” all the bloody time. Maybe this is just one guy who can’t handle his country losing a GAME. Boo fucking Hoo. Get over it!

No Surrender to pathetic cry babies. Go get a life you sad twat.

Oh and BTW? That “Innocence of Muslims” film would hardly have been seen had the muslims not made such a song and dance over it. The only reason it went viral is because THEY made such a fuss. HA HA HA. 😛


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3 thoughts on “It Offends #Muslim Sensibilities – Oh The Irony! #casualsunited #edl #intermilan

  1. Milano City Coats Of Arms : Dating at least Middle Ages…


    They Want To Take The Swiss Flag Away Also.. Swiss Company logo and so on..
    It goes so far, that it remind me old Vampire Movie showing a cross and then they go away making a scarred face..
    If it could be that easy…

    Posted by swissdefenceleague | April 25, 2013, 11:08 am
  2. The Red Cross is the first “western entity” to fall for those muzzies bullshit.. A swiss created it and did turn the color of our flag upside down, so it is not a redition white flag and not a swiss involvement, but The Turks didn’t get it and did invasion of crusaders…(??) so they create the Red Crescent..
    This should be kept in mind if Turkey ask again to come to the EU ..comply to this.. comply to that..to end with a sort of Muslim Ãœber Alles…


    I hope St George Day went fine. I haven’t seen any news, like from.. The Casuals Blog …?
    And + No Surrender + Nova Reconquista +

    Posted by swissdefenceleague | April 25, 2013, 1:26 pm

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