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Racism In Rochdale Road, Oldham #nwi #edl #casualsunited #mrsbouquet

This is taken from the Facebook page of the Northwest Frontline Firm:

Share this please. This happened in Oldham during the week.

Hello some one on my friends list just put this status up what a joke “A work mate, told me today, that his wife went for an interview yesterday in Oldham at a florists. His wife is very well qualified with a grade 4 in floristry, when she arrived at MRS BOUQUETS the name of the shop, she was met by an asian woman in a sari etc, that owned the shop. Before the interview even started the owner said to her “Your not Asian!” Obviously she replied “no Im not but Im very well qualified for your vacant position” The owner told her “we only employ Asians” OMG I was absolutely disgustied & amazed, that this is what our country has become, just imagine if we said that to an Asian at an interview, “Sorry we only employ white British” Disgusting, I hope she reports them, I would, if thats not racial discrimination I dont know what is !!!!!” hers the address and phone number i think we need to be ringing them-Mrs Bouquet 1 Rochdale Rd, Shaw, Oldham, Lancashire, OL2 8AD Tel: 01706 299612
mrs bouquet 1
What the hell? This is illegal. If I were to advertise a job for only white British, I’d be hauled up in front of the beak before I could even say “racist”.
The people on this site are Employment Discrimination Solicitors. Whoever this woman is, she needs a word with herself.
Maybe people won’t want to shop in your place now knowing you are Asian? No, people are mostly not that pathetic and ignorant. They won’t want to shop there because it’s apparently run by a bigoted arsehole. I am surprised your flowers survive for even one day!



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One thought on “Racism In Rochdale Road, Oldham #nwi #edl #casualsunited #mrsbouquet

  1. My brother-in-law lost his job, he went all over looking for work. He’s a big strong healthy looking chap, every single place he went the first (and final) question was ‘Are you Polish?’ Job after job, ‘Are you Polish, we want Polish’. I wish he had taken one of those mobile phone.s with a recorder and taped all the racist questions. And it is racist same as that cheeky cow in the flourists shop, get her recorded saying she only wants asians Then take the recording to citizens advice. You should of showed her up by reporting her to the cops!

    Posted by abbey lane | March 24, 2013, 7:35 pm

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