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Commies Defend Hate Preachers In Nottingham #edl #casualsunited #nwi #nottsuni #ukip

Well, here we go again…

The usual bullshit, lies and manipulative word games from the commie scum. Please read THIS BLOG if you don’t know what this is all about.
Nottingham University is holding a weekend for islamic hate preachers to come and spread their message.

Commies think they should be allowed to do this, as we are a country that allows Freedom of Speech.
But… wait… aren’t these the same individuals who are obsessed with stopping a St. George’s Parade?

Their hypocrisy is confounding…

commie smug hypocrisy 1commie smug hypocrisy 2bcommie smug hypocrisy 3b
(Qatada preaching hate from jail)

Is that all we’ve got? Seriously? You need any MORE?

These people (for want of a better word) are dangerous because they are that stupid and ignorant – would you let a small child play with matches? No. These idiots are the same. They don’t see what’s in front of their own noses, or they see it and choose to ignore it for whatever reason – we can’t work out what that reason may be, maybe they have just taken too many mind altering drugs in uni.

They are funded by the unions and the Labour Party. Their buses for their counter demos are paid for by these people too. I wonder if their buses last year to Brighton were also paid for by these people. You know, last year in Brighton where they exacted violence on women, children and Police at a St. George’s Parade because they didn’t want people to celebrate their Patron Saint. But hate preachers should be allowed to do what they like, it’s their Human Right.

No Surrender, Ever, to hate preachers and the scum who appease them.


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3 thoughts on “Commies Defend Hate Preachers In Nottingham #edl #casualsunited #nwi #nottsuni #ukip

  1. These extreme Islamists certainly have a high opinion of themselves, don’t they. And it’s our own fault. We don’t have to permit or agree to everything they want or disagree with for fear they might sling their rattles out of the pram. Everytime the police allow them to get away with things, they become stronger, more trappy, more dangerous. They don’t deserve a place here in a lovely country like England. I don’t understand why our government can’t see the bloody danger islamists represent. It’s all building up again, isn’t it.

    Posted by abbey lane | March 24, 2013, 8:00 pm


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