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I Pity The Fools Of The Far Left! #casualsunited #edl #antifaschista #uaf

You really could not make up some of the idiots on the Far Left, especially the admins of the slatedl page on Facebook. This is comedy gold.

slated fool 1b

Here is the post they think is a real story:
slated fool 2bslated fool 3b

We don’t know how many admins that page has but the main one is known on Facebook as Gary Fiennes Hastings. We already know he’s an idiot so if he didn’t post this, then he is obviously surrounding himself with fellow idiots on his admin team. The visitors to his page are not much better although there are some who do have a brain and sense of humour, thank God!

slated fool 4bPaulie Chapman gets a bit pissed off with all the stupidity of the people here.

slated fool 5bAlex Beiscak is not happy either. I don’t blame them. How dumb can you get?

slated fool 6bThe observation and detective skills are astounding.

slated fool 7bYou couldn’t make it up. Who’s been taken for a fool, Hastings? Maybe it was the dickhead who thought this was a serious story. The admin of your page, you sad twat. Unless it was yourself.

The Admin of the Anti Faschista Facebook Page and the writer of the BLOG has asked us to pass you a message:
antifash spoof 1antifash spoof 2And so are we all. Thanks for this, it’s been funny as fuck and everyone likes a good old chuckle, especially when the subject matter is so deserving 🙂

Never Surrender to Fools!


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