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You Don’t NEED To Monopolise Our Food Supply, So You Can Stop Now #boycotthalal #edl #casualsunited #halal #nwi

…unless there is another reason you are doing it?!

No, never, of course there isn’t another reason, right?

Found this forum online earlier:
non halal ok 1

Firstly, notice that the friend of “Laura” buys non halal because she lives in a Christian country. Fair play to her. THIS is what integration is. I assume that Laura means her friend buys it when there is no halal available. She doesn’t insist that everyone sell only halal for her benefit alone, and give up their right to their own beliefs, does she? Laura also says that she is aware that muslims can eat non halal if there is no halal available. I am also aware of this. Why are other muslims not aware of this, or are they and just being damned arrogant?

non halal ok 2

non halal ok 3I notice that the “consultant” – I assume this is an imam or some kind of scholar – says TWICE that everyone should “act upon the view they feel most comfortable with“. I can only agree. This rule should apply to EVERYONE. This includes people who do NOT want to eat halal but have no other choice except to go hungry. Or they are not even made aware that they are eating halal and would never knowingly do so.

I do not understand why the Left always take the piss out of us whenever we raise the issue of halal. Many of them are animal rights “activists”. Have they not seen a halal slaughter? Or do they think this level of cruelty is OK? It’s not OK to test cosmetics on rabbits, but it’s OK to perform barbaric slaughters?

I like this last bit, in the quote from the Dr: “We must remove such frictions from our relations and realize brotherhood and sisterhood through diversity rather than conformity.”

In the same way it would be wrong of me to force or deceive a muslim into eating non halal or even haram meat (pork and chicken sausage, anyone?), it is wrong of them to do the same to me.

How did we all feel to find horsemeat in the beef? Not very happy were we?! I also heard that the muslims who ate the “contaminated” chicken sausages are taking legal action. Maybe they should, because then I can do the same. My mental anguish at finding out I had eaten an animal that had been so barbarically slaughtered should not be any less worthy than theirs. Why is this so difficult for people to “get”? Or are they just that ignorant? Those two comments, the reply and the quoted doctor, in the screenshot above BOTH say people should be able to do what they want according to their own beliefs. Both are MUSLIMS.

Here are some other Halal related Blogs:

Feel free to Google a halal slaughter video. There is one on Youtube made by “Gaia”. I advise not eating before or during. You probably won’t want to after either though.

No Surrender.


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