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Anglophobic, Marxist Melon-Greens Who Advocate Violence On A St. George’s Parade #mfe #sea #casualsunited #edl #evf #melongreens #uaf #antifa

Below is a list of all the Anglophobic, Marxist melon-green fascists supporting the uaf & antifa in opposing Brightonians & English people celebrating the day of their Patron Saint at the annual MfE St. George’s Parade this year….

  • Bill Randall, Mayor of Brighton and Hove
  • Caroline Lucas, Green MP Brighton Pavillion
  • Jason Kitkat, Green Party Councillor, Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council
  • Ollie Sykes, Green Party Councillor, Brunswick and Adelaide Ward
  • Liz Wakefield, Green Party Councillor, Hanover & Elm Grove
  • Pete West, Green City Councillor for St Peter’s & North Laine Ward
  • Phelim Mac Cafferty, Green Party Councillor for Brunswick and Adelaide Ward
  • Alexandra Phillips, Green Councillor for Goldsmid Ward
  • Rob Jarrett, Green Party Councillor for Goldsmid Ward
  • Ian Davey, Green Party Councillor for St Peter’s & North Laine

This is what happened last year (if you have not yet heard) – BLOG ENTRY HERE.

This is a photo of Caroline Lucas with the uaf and antifa last year:
lucas at mfe 2012 1These fascists want to stop a peaceful Parade. There is never any trouble on this parade, only from the commie scum. Last year, women, children, Police Officers and Police horses got injured by these individuals and these politicians think this is OK.

So, you are Government employees and you think that the level of violence exhibited from your constituents at that Parade last year is OK.
BUT a peaceful, family Parade to celebrate St. George’s Day – the Patron Saint of England – is NOT OK?

What planet do you live on?

No Surrender to the uaf/antifa and all who support them!

Here are a few pictures, so we know who everyone is. Please feel free to share them, as we know how the Left love a bit of “@nticopyright” as they call it. And Google has plenty of them anyway, just search their names and “Green Party Brighton”.
If there is a problem with using the pictures, people may ask why there is a problem with people knowing EXACTLY who you are eh.

melon bill randall 2
melon lucas 2
melon jason 2melon ollie sykes 2melon wakefield 2
melon pete west 2melon phelim 2melon alex 2melon jarrett 2melon davey 2

Brighton used to be a nice town…
…before it went COMMUNIST


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3 thoughts on “Anglophobic, Marxist Melon-Greens Who Advocate Violence On A St. George’s Parade #mfe #sea #casualsunited #edl #evf #melongreens #uaf #antifa

  1. That rob jarret looks as if he could be the father of that ugly warthog thing…..lol. NFS to the filthy unwashed commie scum.

    Posted by St. George | March 18, 2013, 4:46 pm

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